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From canvas stretching and float framing, to archival framing, the Frame Spot’s professionals understand the unique relationship you have with your original artwork… and will work with you to formulate a truly original framing solution.

Canvas Stretching

Whether it’s an oil painting on Belgian linen or an acrylic painting from Asia on a synthetic canvas, your art is valued for its artistic integrity and its personal significance. From choice of materials, to stretching, to maintaining tension, there’s a specialised technique to suit your artwork… and at the Frame Spot we know, understand and use it.

Traditional vs Float Framing

Float framing is an ideal way to complete an artwork on canvas. In this specialised technique the painting is stretched first over a canvas stretcher bar, then set into a framed background so that the frame stays clear and the artwork “floats” within the space.

Particularly suited to Indigenous and abstract works, float framing is an innovative way to enhance the depth and texture of original art.

Archival Framing

While art should always be bought as a result of passionate desire, at the back of every art buyer’s mind is the hope that, perhaps, they’re purchasing a future masterpiece. With that considered, every artwork framed at the Frame Spot is treated as a masterpiece with the purest archive-quality materials sourced to today’s highest standard. We can’t tell you if your piece will break records at Sothebys in 20 years time… but we can treat it as if it will.


It takes a specialist to restore a watercolour, oil painting, hand coloured engraving or photo. As the framers of choice for the art, craft and memorabilia trades, we are in touch with the best people for your needs… whatever those needs might be.

Sometimes even the original framing process can be detrimental, with damage from non-archival (often acidic) mattboard high on the list of restoration jobs. In such cases, experts are called upon to bleach out darkening and restore the strength of the paper fibres by re-sizing. This is no job for a framer – that’s why we pass such pieces into the care of specialised paper restorers.

Whatever the damage or the solution, the Frame Spot offers the security of an expert recommendation… and the secure knowledge that your painting is in the hands of professional restorers.

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