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Photography captures the here and now… quality framing makes it last forever. With the right frame and classic neutral mounts, your photograph can cross from being simply a record of a moment in time to becoming an artwork that will be valued for all time.


Restoring an old photograph is an art unto itself. At the Frame Spot we know the best restoration specialists for your needs. Whether it is water, fire or smoke damaged, we offer you the security of an expert’s services, ensuring you the utmost integrity of your original photographs.


The ceremony’s complete, the party’s over and the honeymoon is a blur… now it’s time for the marriage to begin. Whether it’s a formal portrait of the entire wedding party or a close-up of the kiss, every wedding photo is as unique as the event and couple it depicts. With a seemingly endless range of creative framing options, the Frame Spot can devise a presentation for your wedding-day photo (or group of photos) that is as individual as you are.

Studio Shots

Today’s portrait photography is more sophisticated, than ever before. Whether your studio shots are high-art, glamour or just great fun, they need a frame that reflects your chosen aesthetic and décor and protects your investment. Bright and bouncy for a bonny baby, sultry and subtle for a boudoir table, or colourful and casual for the family portrait.

Candid Camera

While some of Melbourne’s best photographers are our friends and clients, it must be said that some of the best photographs we see are informally snapped shots – not professional studio shots. Whether it’s the flower girl sticking her fingers in the cake, baby’s first steps or that unexpected mark in the last minute of the game, candid shots can tell a lifetime of stories… and they tell them even better when creatively framed.

Family Photo Collages

If individual photographs can tell the story of a moment in time, Photo Collages write the novel. Whether designed to showcase a collection of moments from one day (say a wedding, graduation or birthday), a collection of days across a lifetime (celebrating school, sporting or work achievements) or the commemoration of entire generations (from historical shots to modern-day portraits) a Collage frame is a legendary solution.

Photo Competitions

Your image will be seen by a discerning group of judges and possibly even displayed along with other winners. At the Frame Spot, we can frame your photo appropriately to match your competition’s specifications.

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