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Groups of related 3D objects work beautifully together or in concert with photographs and related artworks. The Frame Spot will find the perfect way to showcase your unique objects, transforming your treasured pieces into true works of art.

3D Objects

There are no boundaries to what you can frame! Antique cutlery, padlocks and their keys, spectacles, records and pocket watches, these are just a fraction of the objects we have framed. If it has meaning to you we can find a means to frame it… let your imagination run wild!

Pockets & Ties

Requiring the expertise of textile framing and the creativity of memorabilia presentation, blazer pockets and school and sporting ties need an experienced hand. At the Frame Spot, we can advise on colours, mounts and appropriate frames to enhance a sporting achievement… as well as the relevant archival considerations to keep that record of achievement safe for years to come.


Instead of keeping Service memorabilia hidden from view, the Frame Spot can help give it the focus it deserves. Design, colour, layout and frame selection must all be carefully considered to create a fitting display for these objects However, our expertise can extend even further with advice on preservation and restoration. Where need be, we can even help with the supply of new ribbons for medals.

Sports Apparel - All Codes

From your pre-schooler’s first footy jumper to the “Baggy Green” he might one day wear to represent Australia, sports apparel has a story to tell. Whether it’s the story of triumphs at the local oval or the legend of national representation, we can carefully source and match colours and designs in mounts and frames to ensure a wonderful memory.


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