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Tucked away in drawers or stored in cabinets, these are the items that represent your personal history. But memorabilia can’t do justice to your memories when hidden. Bring them in… the Frame Spot will bring your memories to life – for all to share.


History can be as public as the front page commemorating the birth of a nation, or as personal as a beloved child’s birth notice. Private or personal, you have a place in history… and history’s place can be your wall.


Whether it’s the local paper report of your maiden century, or the actual ball that Ricky Ponting batted into your stand, there’s a high energy approach to commemorating your greatest sporting moments… and the Frame Spot has a winning frame solution.


Whether it’s commemorating the sacrifice made in past wars or commending the courage of a current generation, there’s no more significant project than the appropriate presentation of military memorabilia. Choosing fitting design elements is just the start, at the Frame Spot we make it our business to pay due honour with archive-quality materials and framing solutions that will maintain these pieces for generations to come.


What makes an ephemeral object? It’s something that is so taken for granted that it is routinely disposed of… and, in that, it becomes a rarity. Whether it’s the scrapbook of swap cards your sister never threw away, the bottle-tops that dad stored at the back of the bar, or the postcards Auntie Maud kept from her cruise in 1961, ephemera are the objects that have slipped through the cracks of our modern disposable lifestyle. Our job is to make sure they don’t slip any further.

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