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While important documents should be kept safe, there’s no reason to hide them away. Expert framing can serve two functions. Firstly, archive-quality materials will ensure the safekeeping of your precious documents. Secondly, a creative presentation will enhance its meaning for all to see.


You’ve worked hard for that piece of paper… now’s the time to enjoy it! At home or in the office, there’s no point in hiding your light under a bushel. While we’d never suggest an ostentatious display, a frame of high-quality materials and subtle design is a worthy medium to showcase years of hard work.


Academic, employment and sporting awards hold meaning outside their importance to you. Whether it’s a High Distinction, Sales Record or Hole-in-One, an award is a record of achievement that is enhanced by presentation. Are your awards top of mind? Or in a bottom drawer?


In a world of Internet Marketing, Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to forget that the most simple forms of advertising can still be the most effective. A well framed presentation on your wall of an effective print campaign, a record sales order or a breakthrough in Research and Development holds far more meaning for your employees and clients than a motivational poster!


We make it our business to present your business in its most successful light. With expert and affordable framing for multi-faceted awards and framing runs of multiple certificates, we can help you applaud and reward your workforce.

It’s also our business to enhance your sales presence with creative mounting of point-of-sale materials and promotional work for display boards and conferences. Whenever you need to put on a show, the Frame Spot can help show your business in its best light.

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