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Who knows what will make a work of art valuable in 50 years? Technology and framing materials are forever evolving. Thirty years ago we used MDF as a backing board, now we know it is full of impurities which react detrimentally to the artwork.

By continually refining and testing our conservation practices, the Frame Spot provides your artwork with the highest quality, most durable protection from the ravages of time. In this way we can minimise deterioration, and maximise the qualities that will make your work vivid and engaging throughout its entire lifetime.

Our extensive experience and product knowledge allows us to offer you the best solution for your work. By working with the highest quality materials (including acrylic, museum-quality glass and cotton rag mattboards, acid-free mattboards and conservation-quality tapes and glues) we are utilising technology that is at the cutting-edge of today’s standards… at the same time, we’re always looking forward to what’s coming tomorrow!

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